What we do.

Master Admin Services (MAS) – Offering a specialised team of Administration staff to businesses nationwide.

We found a gap in many industries – a need for highly qualified and passionate administration staff. Businesses were struggling to find the perfect fit for their company – ideally one person with advanced knowledge and expertise in a broad range of financial and administration areas.

So we provided the solution. Master Administration Services emerged - a unique and innovative business, made up of a team of experts with specialised administration, finance and accounting knowledge. By engaging our services, we would be outsourcing our staff to you at a tailored, fixed monthly cost, completely scalable allowing for growth within any business.

We offer an extensive suite of services, available in a full package or a refined engagement of just a few. Upon enquiring, we organise a collaborative discussion about your business’ requirements, then propose a scope of works to meet those needs and your business' KPI’s.

The process is hassle free, as all our staff’s leave coverage, workloads and employment is managed by the Directors of MAS. We ensure that your admin functions are uninterrupted and completed accurate and timely, allowing you to focus on your business rather than in your business. 



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